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The stonewall riots were started by trans women of colour and nobody is allowed to forget that

Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera didn’t march so that you could be transmisogynt and cissexist.


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"Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me."
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October 2012 vs. October 2014. Pictures from the Pensacola LGBT Film Festival red carpets. On the left we didn’t even know each other, and now on the right we’re nearing our 2 year anniversary. 




During World War II, Josephine Baker served with the French Red Cross and was an active member of the French resistance movement. Using her career as a cover Baker became an intelligence agent, carrying secret messages written in invisible ink on her sheet music. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre, and received a Medal of the Resistance in 1946. In 1961 she received the highest French honor, the Legion d’Honneur awarded by then President Charles de Gaulle.
Our loss, U.S.A….

If you don’t admire the shit out of J. Baker, who was also pretty openly bisexual and adopted NINETEEN children in addition to the badassery mentioned above, I want you to go sit in the corner and think about your life choices.

um she was also a huge civil rights activist and her refusal to perform for segregated audiences at major clubs that were fallin over themselves to book her helped de-segregate vegas performance venues
aaaand she had a pet cheetah

aaand she slept with Frida Kahlo.

As usual, Republicans hate facts and live in a totally different reality from us.